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United Methodist Student Movement - UMSM is a an open global network of students connected to The United Methodist Church through their college, local church, campus ministry, or university, who are interested in growing together in discipleship, faith and leadership development.  NEXT is the biennial student leadership development conference of the UMSM. This conference challenges and inspires students to consider and plan the next faithful steps in their vocations, communities, the church, and the world. College students are encouraged to attend and learn how to put their faith, gifts, talents, and skills into action.


United Methodist Collegiate Ministries - UM collegiate ministries are the missional presence of The United Methodist Church on college and university campuses around the world. Through a network of chaplaincies, Wesley Foundations, ecumenical ministries and church-based ministries, The United Methodist Church reaches more than 1,300 campuses around the world.


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