Our Wesley Foundations, United Methodist-related schools, and additional campus ministries appreciate the support we receive from the Illinois Great Rivers and Northern Illinois Conferences, as well as that which is given by individuals, local churches, groups, and volunteers.  You're making a difference in the lives of students across our state every day!

In 2016, our ministries engaged more than 500 different students in worship, more than 200 unique students in small groups and discipleship opportunities, nearly 4,000 in service projects, and another 4,000 in additional ways.  That's a lot of folks!  Your support -through your prayers, advocacy, service, and financial contributions - allow us to continue to grow and expand our ministries for, with, and beyond the campus.

We invite your partnership and participation as we seek to inspire students, make disciples, and transform the world with Christ's love.


Your donation to Wesley Foundations and other campus ministries allows us to increase our efforts to reach and engage youth and college-age adults through programs, conferences, special retreats, publicity materials, and more.  Your financial gifts help us provide opportunities for worship, mission, service, spiritual formation, and fellowship. Thank you for partnering with us as we connect students, parents, churches and campuses with our United Methodist collegiate ministries!

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We invite you to share information about this website and our collegiate ministries with youth, parents, pastors, and local congregations.  If you have questions, please get in touch - we're happy to talk about our ministries!  We need strong advocates who understand how our campus ministries support and nurture students' spiritual growth and faith exploration during their college experience.  We also help develop the gifts and leadership skills students will use as young adults to serve God and transform the world in their local churches and communitites after graduation. To learn more about how you and your local church can get involved with these efforts, contact us!

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